Sunday, November 23, 2014

Men's Guide 2 Sex On: How To Know If She's Into You

    Sometimes it can be hard to know when a women is into you. Women give a lot of mixed signals. It is usually done for one of two reasons. It is either done for one, test you or two, not to look to easy. This is a game women have been playing for years. In any event, it's a game you need to figure out juts to know if you're wasting your time or not. So today's posts is about what to look for so you can figure it out.

      The biggest giveaways re her body language. How she stands, how she sit, what she is doing while she stands and sits are all giveaways on how she feels about you. If she plays with her hair while talking to you is a big one. Putting her back to the rest of the world and focusing on you is a sure sign. Leaning in towards you when you talk is another one. Unnecessary touching is a huge one. This is her way of showing posses ion (telling all the other girls this one is mine). Now not doing these things isn't a sign that she isn't interested, they're just signs that she is interested.

     There are also signs in the way she reacts to you while in proximity. For example always laughing at all your jokes is a good sign that she I interested. Giggling says she really thought it was funny but is trying to hold back how funny it really was. With laughing, it's one extreme or another. So if she is laughing at them all, then that's a sign she doesn't think that they're all funny but she wants to let you know she's into the conversation. Keeping constant eye contact is another sure sign. Being very enthusiastic towards you in general can be considered a way of determining that she's into you. If she is calm and start to be herself around you, says she is relaxed around you and trusts you. Therefore if it happens, you're in.

      When you're not necessarily in the same place, they tend to leave signs as well. If she keeps popping up in places where you always hang out is one sign. If she makes sure you have a way to contact her (email, cell phone, work phone) is a way of determining if she likes you. If she always seem available to help you with your needs is a clue she might be a little interested. Giving you a pet name or sending you a lot of text messages is a sign. All ways asking you questions or constantly asking your advice on something is an obvious clue. If you're getting these signals, just ask her out and look for the other signals on the date to figure out how much.

     Well those are a few of the ways to find out if a girl is into you. There are a lot more, but this a blog post, not a book. So you need to go practice to find some more. With that being said, go out and meet some women and see if they work. While you're at it, you can get some practice.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Men's Guide 2 Sex On: Knowing When To Go In For The Kiss

      How to know when to go for a kiss can be a difficult thing to figure out. Once a guy asked me how do I get a girl to kiss me. Well it's like this, you don't get girls to kiss you. You kiss girls. As far as they are concerned they don't kiss boys, the got kissed. Women love to kiss, especially if a guy is good at it. Depending on how good looking you are, you can probably just walk up to random women and start kissing them. You would be surprised on how many women would sleep with a guy just to keep the kissing coming. You would even be more surprised on how many women won't sleep with a guy just because he isn't good at kissing. The only reason you're not allowed to start kissing them immediately on a date is because she's worried about what you will think of her. So don't underestimate the importance of kissing when it comes to women and sex.

    If you go on a date with a girl, she is thinking in her mind “I wonder if he is going to kiss me or try and kiss me.” Even if she doesn't kiss on the first date, she probably at least wants you to try. There is a better than 50% chance she wouldn't be on the date at all if she hasn't thought about kissing you. There are those occasions where they give mercy dates just to be nice and they have no intentions of ever kissing you. Those situations are very rare, most women aren't doing that and if that's the case, you will recognize that situation very early. If you're date ends in two hours and / or in the middle of the day, that is usually the situation. If you're not sure, a phone call afterward will clear it up. In any event if she is on that date, she is expecting a kiss at the end of it. Now she may change her mind by the end of it but when she first got there she was expecting a kiss or at least an attempt.

   The kiss for women is the ultimate reassurance that you like them. When you don't try and kiss them, their insecurities start to mess with them and they ask “what is wrong with me? Does he think I'm gross? Why isn't he trying to make a move?” So not trying to kiss can and probably will turn her off. Now that all of that is out of the way, it brings me to the point of this post. Knowing when to try for that kiss.

      Well first sign is the licking or touch of the lips. When she does that she is definitely think what would it be like to kiss you. So that is the first sign on you should start planning on creating an opportunity. The second clue is the invasion of personal space. She either starts to invade yours or allows you to invade hers. You should also know women get anxious. So they position themselves for certain things they are ready for. Like if you haven't approached a women yet and she's sitting next to you, she might start to point her legs in you're direction in preparation for you're approach. That's just an example. They tend to do the same kind of thing when it come to kissing. They might start leaning in every time you start talking to her. Now there is a way is to test it. Now the way to do that is to touch her on the elbow lightly with one hand and then point to something behind her with the other and ask about it. If she doesn't tense up and lets you get into the personal space, she is definitely ready for you to try.

      Now you know the female mind when it comes to kissing. I hope this post has been helpful in letting you know when and how to find out if and when to kiss a girl. With that being said go out and have some fun.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Men's Guide 2 Sex On: Writing Love Letters

       This post is about love letters. If you want to really turn your significant other on, try a love letter. A good love letter is something she will cherish and keep for years, even after the relationship has ended. It is a way to show how you feel in a very emotional and personal level. She will appreciate it in ways that no one can explain. It's a way to be intimate without being physical. When you can get an intimate connection with a woman without being physical, you can write yourself a blank check into her heart life and pants. She is yours for whatever you want. It doesn't matter if it's a mailed letter or a card, you will be forever in her heart if you can put your feeling in words. So here are a few tips to help you create that work of art love letter.

  •     First of all be personal. Put things that relate to only you and her. If there is an inside joke that only you two share then put a reference to it in there. A memorable trip that comes to mind that brought out some emotions, mention how you felt about it. All of these things will make the letter feel very personal and sincere. Your letter should sound like it came from the heart.

  •     Next tip tell her what she wants to hear. Mention how much you need her. Let her know how beautiful you think she is. Tell her how beautiful she is and why you think she's beautiful. Don't just mention physical traits but personality traits as well. That way she doesn't feel like your feelings are shallow.

  •     Another tip is be sure to mention how much you cherish her. Women like to here how much they are appreciated. It will show you don't take her for granted. Mention some of the things she does for you. Say you don't know what you would do without her. Talk about how you feel when she's not around and how much you miss her.

  •     Also don't be afraid to get sexual either. Women love to feel desirable. Believe it or not, women do like bringing out unadulterated lust out of a man. If you were together a long time, she will definitely like the idea that she still does that for you. You want to aim for sultry but nasty does work. This will take some of the sappiness out of the letter. So don't be scared to get a little naughty in your letter. Just don't over do it. Too much will take away from the letter.

  • Last tip is to be sentimental. Share your feelings. Be sure to show your emotions. You need to express how much you love her and why. Women are very emotional creators. They are practically slaves to their emotions. So your letter should trigger these emotions. Use metaphors and compare her and your emotions to things she can relate to. Simply put you want to pour your heart out. If you do this tip right, the rest of the love letter almost doesn't matter.

     Now you know what you need to do to write a good love letter. The good thing about love letters is they can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to communication. Men are always being accused of not expressing how they feel or showing their emotions. If you get this a lot from your lady, This is a sure fire way of avoiding a lot of these fights. Also sometime it's true. You maybe the type of guy that can't talk about thing like that and the letter is a way out. Also it's a way of being romantic. If you send a love letter to the house when you're not there by the time you get home she will have taken care of the rest. A letter is a great way to get closer to a woman without the work that other interaction require and it usually works faster and a lot better as well. So don't underestimate it's power. With that being said, get to writing.

By: Intimate Asking

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Men's Guide 2 Sex On: Dating Shy Girls

    A woman can be shy for any number of reasons. Maybe she was teased in school growing up. She could have had a very bad past experience, or maybe she isn't that shy of a person but get shy around guys and intimate encounters. In any event if you want her, her shyness can and will be a problem if you don't get her to open up. The good news is her shyness is a dead giveaway on how she feels about you. If she is shy around you but still hangs out with you, then she definitely likes you. When she finally opens up to you and you have made what you're intentions clear, then you know you have the green light to move forward. Which we all know is the biggest problem when it comes to women ( reading them ).

     Women are very self conscious as a whole but shy women, even more so. Inside they are asking themselves why me. If she likes you then she is saying to herself “he probably doesn't and never will like me.” More to the point, they just fear that they are making a fool of themselves. If you can reassure them that you like them and that you are the biggest clown of the two, she will relax and open up. The whole situation may seem like shy girls are difficult but to be honest, they are usually quite an easy score once you get them past their shyness.

      The key to shy women is pressure. Let them understand that there is no pressure to do anything that they are not comfortable with. She will eventually warm up to you and then put pressure on herself to see that things move forward. If you put too much pressure on her early she will run or shut down and avoid you just to get out of the situation. So here are a few tips to help you capture a very easy and worth while target for whatever your desires maybe. The one night stand is going to be harder than a date but that's the case with most women.

      First tip is to take control of the situation and let her know that you like her. Compliment her often. Let her know you like the way she smells or her hair ( Stay away from looks, eyes, and body ). Talk about how much you like her style. Basically reassure her that you're into her. Not too much though, otherwise she won't believe you. Their confidence isn't high enough to believe you totally. They will think you're saying whatever to get into her pants. The second tip is alcohol. Get her drinking. It isn't called liquid courage for nothing. Thirdly ask her what her concerns are. Unlike most women, they wont mind and probably will answer and be honest about it. Then address the problem to reassure her. Also it will show you plan on being patient with her to take away some of the pressure. When asking questions, try asking things that require more than one word answers. Ask things like why did she choose that profession. My fourth tip is to talk about and do things that she likes or knows. In other words, keep her in her type of environment. It will help her to relax and open up around you. The last tip is to make her laugh. If you can get her laughing she will forget how insecure she is. Now those are just a few tips on what you should do.

      Well now that you know what to do to capture her, there are few things I should mention that you want to try and avoid. The first thing is not to keep mentioning how shy she is or pointing out anything about her insecurities. Shy girls already know that they are shy, so it will only make her even more insecure about it if you keep bringing it up. The second tip is to avoid places where she might run into her friends and people she knows. That way she wont feel self conscious about what her friends might think. That tip is for everything, asking her out, going for a kiss or maybe even approaching her in the first place. Anywhere that will help her keep you on her mind and everything else off her mind. Depending on the situation you made need to get her on a date to make any serious moves. The next thing I want to mention not to do, is force anything. That means don't push her to talk about things that she doesn't want to talk about or do things she doesn't want to do. Don't harass her about how quiet she is or doesn't talk to much either. Another tip is stay away from public displays of affection. It will only tense her up. Finally don't give any inclination that it bothers you that she's shy, but it is equally important that you don't say you like the fact that she's shy.

     Now you know all you need to know to get a shy girl. I recommend shy women to all men, because it doesn't matter what type of guy you are, she is very obtainable. If you're the type of guy that doesn't embarrass easily and have no problem approaching women but have trouble sealing the deal, then I recommend the shy girl because women like strength in their men, especially in places where they lack it. So she will let it all loose once you get her to open up and be proud of herself for doing it. If you're the timid guy that is insecure when it comes to women, the shy girl will probably move at pace more comfortable for you. Not to mention, with her it's not as important to be the confident alpha male that most other women require. If you're the guy who always gets too nice, then this is the chick who will definitely appreciate you. Now with that being said go out and have some fun with a woman that will probably like the attention and you.