Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mens Guide To Sex On: Getting Out Of The Friend Zone

     We have all been there, the dreaded friend zone. At some point in time in our life there has been some girl that we wanted romantically is some capacity. It doesn't work out that way because she saw us as just a friend. Now what makes one just a friend and not a lover in a woman's eyes differs with each girl, with each guy, and with each situation. Now to be honest, it is usually a case of the guy not being able to create a spark. You obviously made a connection or you wouldn't be a friend in the first place. At some point you either failed to create a spark or you turned her off and you didn't creep her out. Women are selfish creatures and bigger perverts than we are. They usually look at men as sexual potential in some shape or form or they don't have much use for us. So if you're in the friend zone, at the bare minimum she see you as some one to at least boost her ego from time to time. So the good news is you can get out of the friend zone. Which brings me to the point of this post. Today we are talking about how to get out of the friend zone.

        Now to get out of the friend zone, we must first figure out why you are there in the first place. Also you may need to find out if she knows you like her in that way. If she doesn't know it could be just a matter of making your feeling known. In that situation, there is a possibility the only reason you're in the friend zone is because she doesn't think she can get anything else. In which case, shame on you for not have enough balls to make a move. Now to get back to why most are in the friend zone, like I said before women are very selfish creatures and there is a chance she has you in the friend zone to use you. It's the buy the cow, milk for free rule. For her you are too needy and desperate and doesn't respect you enough to be her man, but you still have uses. You can boost her ego for when she is feeling down after a break up. You are good for free drinks when at the bar or some one to pick her up at the airport. To be honest you can even move up to booty call if she is desperate enough and no one else is available. In that case, don't expect it regularly because she knows you are hoping for more and she doesn't want to encourage you. She only does it because she knows she can do it and not feel like a slut later. Unlike some stranger she met in a bar and hopes to never see again to avoid the walk of shame or even worse, an ex that might think he's still has some hold on her because of it, with you there is a level of control. Then there is the case of she isn't using you but she is just being nice to a very good person that deserves respect. She isn't a bitch and understands that you're a nice guy that will make some girl happy, just not her. She would love to hook you up with one of her friends. Then there is the case of which she just sees you as very bad boyfriend material. This situation is usually means you have a personal issue she doesn't want to deal with (finances, past treatment of women, culture). When you figure out which one you are, then you can figure out what to do about it.

     Once you figure why you're in the friend zone, you need to decide if getting out is worth it. You need to decide this for several reasons. First reason is once you get out, it will be damn near impossible to go back to the friendship you had. So if you have been friends for years it might be in your best interest to remain just friends. Now if you are friends just so she can get the benefits of a boyfriend without the commitment, then you need to ask yourself is this the kind of person you want as a partner. The fact that she feels it's OK to use anyone for any reason says a lot about her as a person. You really shouldn't judge people but when you are talking about your significant other, you really don't have a choice. The last reason to ask yourself is it worth it is because you may have to change something about yourself. It is never a good idea to do something your not comfortable with or pretend to be something your not to impress some one else. In other words, the purpose of this paragraph is to say it might be better to move on to the next girl if this one won't appreciate you as is.

      Now there is a difference between changing who you are and bettering yourself. Which is what needs to happen. You are trying to get your crush to see you in a different light. We all have flaws. There are things in all of us that could use some improvement. I am suggesting that you present yourself in a different light. So first get healthier. Try eating better and getting in better shape. Maybe even the opposite, if you're that gym rat in great shape who gets a lot of girls and your crush sees you as shallow or full of yourself. In which case you need to show her that you aren't as bad as she thinks. Then work on being more productive. Getting thing accomplished that you wanted to but always put it off. Work on being less emotional or becoming more spiritual. Just try to improve yourself in any way that you see is better for you. After you have demonstrated the new you. This is when you want to make your move. Ask her why you are in the friend zone. If she has seen the improvements and has changed her mind, she will probably say I don't know. Then you should suggest maybe you two should work on changing it. If it is a teasing no, I'm not sure or anything that resembles a hesitant no, then it has worked. She just wants a little effort. Then get her out on a friendly date and create some sexual tension. If it's a definite no with a legitimate reasons, then you got a little more work to do. Also try dating some one else and make sure your crush knows about it. Ask her advice on what to do for the new girl. You want to give the impression that the new girl is getting spoiled. That's the thing about women, they hate to miss out on a good thing. If they don't want it, they don't want anyone else to have it either. They are competitive and a little controlling. Another girl in her position of controlling you is a little threatening. Now if that doesn't work that usually means there is just some one else in your way. In which case you just need to be patient. Cause like I said before women look at men as sexual or she doesn't have any use for you. So you're just waiting on your night of her being desperate and want to feel better. Then you knock her socks off in the sack and you're in. Now those are the ways to get out of the friend zone. So stop wasting time and go collect that girl you've been crushing on.

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mens Guide To Sex On: Why Older Women Are Better

     This post is dedicated to older women. Older women can be a relief from younger women in so many ways. Younger women can only compare physically and even that is a matter of opinion. Take that out of the equation, and it's like fine wine. It only gets better with age. Then it's a matter of how much can you drink before you get drunk. To explain all the reasons why an older woman might be a better romantic option for whatever intimate needs you require would take a book, but because there are so many it will not take long to make my point. So lets stop wasting time and get into it shall we?

     First of all, younger women want attention. Older women want respect. Her sex appeal comes from how she carries herself. Even if she has a nice body, her mind is what will get you wanting to tear her clothes off. Simply put she knows the difference between being sexy and looking slutty. Sexually she is young enough to do it often and old enough to do it well. They are at their sexual peak and will want it more than you do, and they knows exactly how to get it from you. They also have at least a decade of practice under her belt to make it worth your wild. Also depending on her experience, she is probably more willing to experiment. Younger women are usually very indecisive. They have no idea what they want. Even when they get what they think they want, they usually change their mind after they get it. To take it one step further, when they loose it (or get rid of it) they want it back when they see some one else with it. Older women know what they want and go for it when they find it. Which brings me to the next benefit, all women have a certain amount insecurities but older women handle them so much better. In other words a lot less games. They get to the point. When it comes to communication, I can't tell you how helpful this is. She is going to tell you what you need to know and when you need to know it. She isn't going to bitch at you, scream at you or yell at you and there is no hinting. She is going to talk to you directly a put it bluntly. They are also patient and once committed They are willing to work with you. They will put in the effort that you put in. The young girls are not patient and when it's not going the way she likes it, they usually bail. There is a higher level of responsibility with older woman that you can't find with younger ones. You can depend on her, even lean on her. She will depend on you a lot less and wont depend on you for things you can't provide. Young girls use the things you can't provide as an excuses to get rid of you. Now the best part about older women compared to younger women is their honesty. They will like you for more genuine reasons. It won't be anything other than you being you for he being there. She won't be there for your money, your car, or your status. Your personality is the only thing that can and will win her heart.

   Now there are some common traits and qualities that usually apply to all women regardless of their age. They all want fun, have a sense of adventure, lust for life, and an appreciation for a real man. The difference from the older woman compared to the younger one in these areas are, when it comes to fun an older woman knows how to have fun no matter who she's with. Even if you aren't her cup of tea, she will find common ground as oppose to a younger one who expects you to bring it to her. Also an older woman usually try to make sure you are having as much fun as she is. Her sense of adventure isn't limited to what she wants to do and going to what is considered popular. She is looking for the right travel companion, not just looking for who can afford to take her. She is helping with the bill. Her lust for life is different because of her experiences. They see life differently than their younger counterpart. So she is so much more emotionally, spiritually, sexually, physically and financially put together. She doesn't need anything, it's just a matter of what she wants. To get her all you need is you. What you bring to the table determines how long you stay. Which brings me to liking real men. Younger woman have a preconceived idea of what a man is or at least should be. When you don't measure up to it, she holds it against you. Older women realize that there are all kinds of men in this world and the fun is trying to figure out which one you are and experiencing what you have to offer. Turn her on and she will do her best to give you the experience of your life.
    I could go on and on about how an older woman are better than younger ones but like I said before that's a book, not a blog post. To get one just be yourself and let her decide how much she want to deal with you. They are very smart and can spot bullshit a mile away. So honesty with a direct approach is the best policy when approaching them. They will let you know very early if you're being successful. Just be confident, sincere, and attentive then see what's up. Any event I hope I have convinced you enough to at least go and see if I'm right.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Men's Guide 2 Sex On: Tips For Nice Guys

      This post is for the nice guys. The guys that deserve everlasting love but doesn't get it because he doesn't excite potential mates. There is a saying, nice guys finish last. Unfortunately when it comes to dating that is true more often than not. You would think with all the complaining women do about men, a nice guy would be fought over like Brad Pitt but the truth is nice guys have the worst time when it comes to dating. To be honest the problem for the most part is just women are immature when it comes to romance. Instead of simply settling for the guy that love respects and treats her well, they spend 10 to 15 years being abused by bad boys in hopes of taming the beasts before appreciating the good men that like them and treats them well from the beginning. That's here nor there. You are not a bad boy and you don't have to be one. So this post is going to talk about problems of being a nice guy and what to do about it.

     The problem with nice guys is simple, they are usually patient, kind, understanding, and cooperative. These things are a problem for several reasons. Women think way too much into things. They look at certain traits the wrong way and come to ridiculous conclusions. Also they can be selfish and a little manipulative. With that being said, here are some don't do s when dealing with women. Don't be her doormat. If you're just friends, then stay just friends. Treat her like one of the guys friends and limit favors to what an average guy friend would get. Don't buy her drinks, pick her up from the airport or drop off her dry cleaning. Those are things for her boyfriend. They don't give you romance because they don't have to. It's the same as buy the cow, milk for free rule. Nice guys tend to be overly nice in the hope of impressing them and win them over. Which brings me to my next don't. Being overly cooperative is another big no no. They see your cooperation as you're too eager to please and a sign of desperation. So don't inconvenience yourself for her. Especially if she knows you like her. There is more than a 50% chance that is the reason she asked, to use you. To sum it all up women need to date you and discover that you are patient, kind, understanding, and cooperative rather than see those thing upfront. They wont see them that way. They will see you as needy, spineless, feminine and pathetic. You are not a challenge and not worth their time. At best she will consider you after she has had enough of being used and abused by the bad boys. In the mean time she will just view you as some one to boost her ego.

     Now here are a few things to do that will help our cause. First is don't be afraid to put a woman in the friend zone. Once she gets there keep her there and don't let her out without earning it. When she earns it, make her earn her way out slowly. She goes from friend to friend with benefits or booty call. Then move her to something very casual, to then something more meaningful. Second is to limit the amount of attention you give women. Let her wonder how much you are into her. She will assume you are naturally but her insecurities will mess with her and look for clues. So don't give her any. Third is to set boundaries and stick to them. Women will push their luck with you to see what she can get away with. Make sure when she does, she knows early where she stands. Fourth when you do something for her, make sure it is appreciated and reciprocated later. Ask for something small if you have to just to see that it is reciprocated. If she cant do it then then, ask for something again later to give her second shot but if she doesn't do it then cut it loose and put her in the friend zone. In other words make sure you get the effort you're putting in. Fifth pick nice girls or at least mature who have had enough of the bullshit games and will appreciate your kindness. You shouldn't have to play these foolish childish games with them and the right girl is usually the one that realizes that and doesn't do it. Lastly but most importantly have confidence. Remember that as a nice guy you are the man of her dreams, she is just too immature and inexperienced to see it. Know you don't need them you want them. As long as you have that attitude you will elude confidence and be fine.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Men's Guide 2 Sex On: The Very Biggest Dating Mistakes

    Dating can be a challenging venture. Getting a date is challenging enough, getting a second date can be even more challenging. Knowing what to do is very hard. Lets face it women can be picky, difficult, and confusing. They don't give clues on what to do and they punish you if you get it wrong. Now what is the right thing to do differs from girl to girl, but there are some basic don't that you can apply to most women that will help your chances for a second date. With that being said, here are few dating mistakes that everyone makes that you should avoid.

Tip 1: Don't Talk Too Much.

     They say women like to talk. The truth is they like to talk while you listen. The biggest problem with talking to much is you run the risk of saying the wrong thing. It doesn't take much to turn most women off. You mention your into something that she doesn't like or express an opinion that she disagrees with strongly, you're toast. Just giving too much information can sabotage you. On a third or fourth date you may get away with it, but on the first is suicide. Another problem with talking a lot is how you come off. There are many different ways to come off by talking a lot and most of them are bad. If she isn't really into what you're talking about can come off as boring. Then there is the other way. You could have a very interesting life with much to tell but too much and you come off full of yourself. Another bad thing to avoid by talking a lot is you don't want to look like a know it all. Now there are exceptions to the rule. Shy women usually like you to talk more but you do want her to do most of it. So do yourself a favor and keep it simple. If he want to know something, trust me when I say she will ask.

Tip 2: Don't Misrepresent Yourself

    Honesty is very important to women. So being genuine is very much in your best interests. It is hard to establish a connection with someone you don't trust. therefore embellishing isn't a good idea. Depending on the situation it is better to downplay and be a pleasant surprise than to exaggerate and be a disappointment. Most of the men they come across are full of it anyway, so the look for lies. Also if you brag about too much and make yourself seem too good to be true, she may start to think you're just that, to good to be true. You want to say what you mean, and mean what you say. Don't say it if you can't deliver. The main reason you don't want to exaggerate is because it's not necessary. If she is on a date with you then she has already seen something in you and is just hoping you don't fuck it up more than she is looking for you to convince her to move forward. Simply put, be yourself and be humble.

Tip 3: Don't Be Cheap

     Being frugal on a first date is always a bad idea. This is one thing most women look for. For them, this says a lot about you. It say's how much you value money, how much you value her, and how generous you are. So you don't want to ask to go dutch. You want to avoid fast food restaurants, walks in the park, even having her meet you instead of picking her up may hurt you. I'm not saying these are instant killers as much as I'm saying at some point during the date you need to spend some money. You don't have to break the bank and get expensive. Just don't be dirt cheap.

Tip 4: Don't Have Sex On The First Date.

      This is important because of respect. It maybe tempting and hard to say no but it does increase your chances for a second date. If you want more dates or even just establishing a relationship respect does come into play. She will respect you more if you refrain from sex immediately. It will say a lot about you and you will come off as different than most guys. Don't just flat out say no, otherwise she will feel rejected. Just explain to her that you like her and it is important to you that she respects you. Sometimes a woman may not be into you but she does find you attractive and decide to use the opportunity to just get off,. In which case you probably should just get the sex because you're not going to get another date. If that isn't the situation, to see her again you are better off saying no.

       Now those are four really important tips for a first date. I'm not saying that not making those mistake guarantee a second date I'm just saying they are a huge help. Not making those mistakes combine with showing her a good time should get you another date. So keep them in mind the next time you're out with a woman you really like.