Thursday, September 10, 2015

Men's Guide To Sex On: Seducing Married Women

     Today's post we are talking about seducing married women. I am going to cover how to meet, approach, seduce, and even date married women. There are benefits to dating married woman that aren't there with a single one. It takes a lot of time and money to date a single woman. A married one is afraid to get caught, so they like nights in or long drives. They can only be out but so late. All of these things make it easy for you. You don't need to spend a lot of money or time to make her happy. The best part of the relationship is that it doesn't last too long, it's based on really great sex, and there is no commitment.

      Lets start with how to meet them. Work is always a good spot. The grocery store or book stores. In public social areas, the woman drinking at the club or bar alone is usually looking for attention. That is usually a career woman but you will find a wife there every now and then that just isn't ready to go home yet. That is usually the one that can be gotten quite easily. In a lot of cases, that night. Most wives are easier than you think. Unlike men women never stop looking for the perfect man. They also get board quite easily. Even if their husband showers them with attention and gifts, it gets boring and they long for something different. The husband eventually starts to take them for granted and they don't feel as attractive as they use to. They're not looking to leave as much as they are looking for a little fun and excitement.

  Next is approaching them. You want to move very slowly. They need to feel that they are not going to compromise their life so comfort is very important. The first date should be fairly innocent unless you are sure that an affair is her intentions. If it isn't, a coffee date or some other innocent activity will be fine. You just want her spending time with you. While hanging out just compliment her. Don't over do it, just enough to make her feel good about herself. Make sure you talk a lot about her. Try to keep the focus on her. You want her to have a lot of fun hanging out with you. See if you can find things in common. So no disagreements and keep the jokes coming. Don't push it, but be playful. You want to smell good and look nice all the time in beginning. She isn't going to risk her marriage on just any slob. You want to jump on any opportunity to impress. Now you shouldn't really try to make moves in the beginning but if she is giving signals that she wants to move forward then don't stop yourself. Just be sure that you're going to be successful.

  To seduce can be a little tricky especially if she's happily married. Unlike a single woman you're only going to get one chance to make a move, so you need to be sure you're in when you make it. If you fail, it's done and she will never hang out with you again. What you 're trying to set up is a state of mind that the affair was her decision or even better, her idea. After you have hung out a couple times, you want to start to do some innocent flirting. Point out something you like on women you see when you're out. It would be great if it's something similar that you complimented about her before. Example: If she has nice nails and you mentioned it before,
look at a woman in close vicinity and mention you admire the color on that girls nails. Talk about a color combination you like in clothing. Say you like ankle bracelets or long skirts. Something that isn't odd but not common. If you find her going a little out of her way to look her best when you hang out or doing the things you said you like. Then you know you making head way. That's when you start to treat her like she's single. Be a little bolder with your flirting. That's when you want to start making your moves.

   Lastly I want to talk about dating a married woman. They have a marriage and family they don't want ruined. That is their first priority. So you want to set ground rules. You want to let her know that you're not looking to complicate her life or trying to commit to anything serious. Let her know she can end it at any time. When in public you need to watch your body language your and hers. It can't come off as being on a date. Asks her if she feels comfortable where you guys are when your out and ask if she wants to leave.. You should ask that at least once on every date. It's a good indicator to let you know how you're doing. If she's having adulteress thoughts, being in public with you will get to be uncomfortable. So if you get a yes one night, try taking a long drive to another town or a picnic to someplace remote to speed things along. Once you get to sex you need to deliver the goods. If the sex is bad, she will feel guilty and stop the affair immediately. So you need to put some effort there. 

   Now those are the tips to seducing a married woman. Married women are just like any other woman. Every woman has a scenario in their head where they would have an affair and married women are no exception. They may only do one night but if you're there when that night arrives, why not have some fun. With that I bring this post to a close.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Men's Guide To Sex On: Tip For Dating Older Women

    This post is about getting older women. Older women are a great option for anything romantic. They are much more honest, and less insecure, so they are much better company. Especially when they are dealing with men younger than them. Now getting their attention and keeping it are two completely different tasks. So this post is about giving a few pointers in overcoming a few of the problems that may arise in meeting, capturing, and keeping their affections.

   The first tip is understand the situation. Older woman rarely take younger men seriously for anything long term. So if you get her very quickly there is a good chance she doesn't have plans on keeping you very long. It maybe a case of even only wanting you for the night. Just so you know, if things move very smoothly for you, it's because she wants them to. They are a lot more experienced than you in life and that includes matters of romance. So she has seen and played most of the games that you try and run at her. Therefore they wont work unless she wants them to. Also don't assume older women are these horn dogs that are just after sex. The truth of matter is, woman in general are bigger perverts than men. Older woman are just more secure in themselves to understand that their sex life and self respect are not mutually exclusive. As a result sexual activity has more to do with what she thinks of him and less about what the potential partner thinks about her. Simply put girls get used women don't. Either they used each other or she used him.

   The second tip is be a gentleman. All those gentlemanly things that got you in the too nice category before with younger women are the keys to the front door with the older women. For them it shows that you know how to treat a woman. Not to mention they are usually done with that cocky young bad boy thing they liked in their twenties. Granted they never outgrow him, ( it's like us and huge boobs ) but they no longer seek or chase him. They have been there and done that. Now they seek a man that show appreciation for their time and attention. Not that games are behind her, it's more of her game is past you. When it comes to men her own age, they're getting much game. A younger man that she takes but so seriously and is probably just a fling at best in her eyes, just isn't worth the effort to play games. So your lack of games just comes off as maturity.

   Which brings me to the third tip. Be mature for your age. Don't be that loud obnoxious cocky guy that works with younger women. Be calm, polite, and well mannered. Dress nice with slacks and shoes. You don't want to keep doing and saying things that remind her of your age difference. She may not be as self conscious as younger women but she is still a little self conscious about the situation. She's asking herself, “what am I doing with this guy.” What will my friends and family think? Will people look at me as a cougar? Am I that desperate or lonely? You must find some common ground to show there I much more to the relationship than attraction. So unless she is really into younger guys or you are only after just sex then you want to appear to be as mature as possible.

  As for my last tip, this is the rule for all women. Be fun and spontaneous. Show the advantages of being with a younger man and demonstrate lots of energy and vigor. If you can remind her of her younger days even better. She will already be flattered that she I still able to get the attention of a man that much younger than her but you can make her feel that much better by pouring on the charm. Tell her how beautiful she is. How you like what she's wearing and her style. Compliment her on anything and everything you notice. Don't spread it so thick that it's unbelievable but enough that it would be considered often. Let her take control of the conversation. You want to make her feel so much better about herself that she doesn't care about the age difference.

    Now those are just a few pointers for trying to get an older woman. So if there is a particular mature woman that has your attention, I recommend going out and giving a few of these suggestions a try. What's the worst that can happen? With that I end this post.


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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mens Guide To Sex On: How To Be A Player

      This post is about how to be a player. There are several things that make a player. Now what they are is a matter of perspective. A lot of times it just who you ask. What one may call a player, some one else may call that same person a womanizer. It all just boils down to honesty and who your talking to. Sometimes it's just who got hurt. In any even whether you're a womanizer, player, dog, or just a guy who has a way with women, there are certain traits all of these titles share. So this post is dedicated to talking about exactly what these traits are and what is required to achieve that reputation.

      First off , you need a swagger. I way of carrying yourself that is irresistible to women. Not necessarily a tall dark and handsome James Bond type charm, but something most women respond to. Now granted that does make things easier in the reputation department but do you want the rep or do you want the women. Some of the best players are the ones that don't look or sound like player but get all the action of a player because of it. Not to mention they get the women that avoid players like the plague. I know one player that did his best work by just drifting in the friend zone. By being the best buddy, he would just hang out and then create sexual tension from time to time to get what he wanted. Then always fall right back into the friend zone when the unsuspecting female tried to take it further. The best part about it was the friend zone thing was her idea in the first place. Therefore she had no right to complain about him trying to stay there. That is just one instance. In any event, you do need to have something about you that woman respond to, that makes you good company. Remember, women don't hate players, they only hate being played and all of them like the idea of taming the beast.

     After that you need to have the right mindset. Commitment is never even considered. Any woman that gives you her heart is asking to have it broken. It doesn't matter if she knew you were a player or not. So know all encounters are not to be taken but so seriously. Also no woman gets too much attention. There are not special. You only make them feel like they are. Feeling aren't something you have, it's something you control. You also need to be bold. In matters of seduction, control is something women have, enjoy, and do their best to keep. They don't plan on surrendering it easily. Women are a slave to their emotions. You need to be bold enough to take charge of the situation and reach her emotion so she doesn't have much choice. Knowing when to make an exist is also part of this mindset. That also means every woman has a time limit. You are never in one place for too long. You may have a time frame in your head but it is flexible. Depending on the situation, you can and will deviate from the plan.  

     Third is your interactions. Having a way with word is the key to having your way with women. You need to have a certain charm. The more original the better. Funny is always a plus. Having a good time with women is the thing that makes you stick out from all the other alpha males. It is also the reason women talk to you even though they see the dangers of a probable heartbreak. You should always know what to say. Therefore you need to be clever because a player has to make quick decisions. Even though you know what to say, you always watch what you say. It's imperative that you're mindful of these things. It might come back to bite you in the ass later.

     Lastly you need the skills. Sex can't just be an activity with you, it needs to be an experience. You need to be able to seek out and deliver a fantasy. Not just in the bedroom but the whole rondevue. The kissing, the touching, the foreplay, and especially the sex. It all needs to be some of the best she ever had. Women talk and if you deliver the good and your rep is out there, that you are always available, being a player will get much easier. So make sure you know your shit.

      Now those are the cues on how to be a player. Good luck on this venture. It is easier said than done. Once you get a little practice and figure out exactly how it's done, it can be very fun. With that I bring this post to an end.

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mens Guide To Sex On: Reading Sexual Body Language

     This post I want to talk about body language. To be more specific, sexual body language. We all know there are signals women give off to let a man know she's interested but sometimes we aren't sure of what she's interested in. So this post I want to talk about a few body signals that are specifically to say she's thinking about sex. It is important to recognize these signals as soon as possible because when it come to sex the window of opportunity is very small. If you snooze you loose. Therefore recognizing these signals and acting on them quickly is imperative for success.

      The first sign is physical contact. When a woman is touching you she is trying to convey that she is comfortable with you and at the same time trying to find out if and how comfortable you are with her. So you definitely want to touch her every time she touches you. Now in a bar situation she is doing this it's not only letting you know how she feels about you and seeing how you feel about her, there is also a let every other woman in the bar know this one is mine message being delivered. She isn't doing that unless she's making plans. Also when she is exploring your body by touching your arms, chest and back she is trying to relay a message. Another physical contact sign is sharing food. If she sips your drink or offers a sip of hers, that's a sign that she's probably considering it. That is a way of getting intimate very quickly. Maybe on a date she starts sharing her food or stealing yours she is trying to send a little bit of a hint.

      The next series of signs are about what she says. Compliment in general are signs she's into you. Compliments on your body parts are a sign she wants you. Things like chest or butt are her way of telling you the interests are sexual. Another strong hint is her bring up sex. Women rarely bring it up unless it's really on their mind. Now be careful with this assumption. Women do like to dick tease from time to time and this could be her way of doing it. Even then, they don't usually waste time dick teasing a guy they don't find attractive in the first place (unless she is trying to feel better about herself). A big conversation sign is talking about an ex lover or give detailed stories of past sexual experiences. She is definitely trying to tell you something.

      The last group of signals are relative to her. Things like sitting with her inner thy exposed. Also nervously playing with her clothes and unfastening buttons are a very blatant sign that anyone can recognize. Also stealing chances to take glimpse at your crotch, butt or chest is a dead give away. There is some thing called triangular gazing, where a woman looks at one eye then the other then the mouth and keeps doing this while talking to you. Doing that is a huge sign of sexual stimulation. Flaring nostrils and dilated pupils also suggest a that she wishes a little more was going on.

       Now those are a few signals to look for to see if a woman is sexually aroused. Figuring exactly when a woman is ready for sex is a trick that can be hard to measure. I hope this post is helpful in helping you with such a difficult but necessary task.

By Intimate asking