Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mens Guide To Sex On: How To Be A Player

      This post is about how to be a player. There are several things that make a player. Now what they are is a matter of perspective. A lot of times it just who you ask. What one may call a player, some one else may call that same person a womanizer. It all just boils down to honesty and who your talking to. Sometimes it's just who got hurt. In any even whether you're a womanizer, player, dog, or just a guy who has a way with women, there are certain traits all of these titles share. So this post is dedicated to talking about exactly what these traits are and what is required to achieve that reputation.

      First off , you need a swagger. I way of carrying yourself that is irresistible to women. Not necessarily a tall dark and handsome James Bond type charm, but something most women respond to. Now granted that does make things easier in the reputation department but do you want the rep or do you want the women. Some of the best players are the ones that don't look or sound like player but get all the action of a player because of it. Not to mention they get the women that avoid players like the plague. I know one player that did his best work by just drifting in the friend zone. By being the best buddy, he would just hang out and then create sexual tension from time to time to get what he wanted. Then always fall right back into the friend zone when the unsuspecting female tried to take it further. The best part about it was the friend zone thing was her idea in the first place. Therefore she had no right to complain about him trying to stay there. That is just one instance. In any event, you do need to have something about you that woman respond to, that makes you good company. Remember, women don't hate players, they only hate being played and all of them like the idea of taming the beast.

     After that you need to have the right mindset. Commitment is never even considered. Any woman that gives you her heart is asking to have it broken. It doesn't matter if she knew you were a player or not. So know all encounters are not to be taken but so seriously. Also no woman gets too much attention. There are not special. You only make them feel like they are. Feeling aren't something you have, it's something you control. You also need to be bold. In matters of seduction, control is something women have, enjoy, and do their best to keep. They don't plan on surrendering it easily. Women are a slave to their emotions. You need to be bold enough to take charge of the situation and reach her emotion so she doesn't have much choice. Knowing when to make an exist is also part of this mindset. That also means every woman has a time limit. You are never in one place for too long. You may have a time frame in your head but it is flexible. Depending on the situation, you can and will deviate from the plan.

     Third is your interactions. Having a way with word is the key to having your way with women. You need to have a certain charm. The more original the better. Funny is always a plus. Having a good time with women is the thing that makes you stick out from all the other alpha males. It is also the reason women talk to you even though they see the dangers of a probable heartbreak. You should always know what to say. Therefore you need to be clever because a player has to make quick decisions. Even though you know what to say, you always watch what you say. It's imperative that you're mindful of these things. It might come back to bite you in the ass later.

     Lastly you need the skills. Sex can't just be an activity with you, it needs to be an experience. You need to be able to seek out and deliver a fantasy. Not just in the bedroom but the whole rondevue. The kissing, the touching, the foreplay, and especially the sex. It all needs to be some of the best she ever had. Women talk and if you deliver the good and your rep is out there, that you are always available, being a player will get much easier. So make sure you know your shit.

      Now those are the cues on how to be a player. Good luck on this venture. It is easier said than done. Once you get a little practice and figure out exactly how it's done, it can be very fun. With that I bring this post to an end.

By intimate asking.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mens Guide To Sex On: Reading Sexual Body Language

     This post I want to talk about body language. To be more specific, sexual body language. We all know there are signals women give off to let a man know she's interested but sometimes we aren't sure of what she's interested in. So this post I want to talk about a few body signals that are specifically to say she's thinking about sex. It is important to recognize these signals as soon as possible because when it come to sex the window of opportunity is very small. If you snooze you loose. Therefore recognizing these signals and acting on them quickly is imperative for success.

       The first sign is physical contact. When a woman is touching you she is trying to convey that she is comfortable with you and at the same time trying to find out if and how comfortable you are with her. So you definitely want to touch her every time she touches you. Now in a bar situation she is doing this it's not only letting you know how she feels about you and seeing how you feel about her, there is also a let every other woman in the bar know this one is mine message being delivered. She isn't doing that unless she's making plans. Also when she is exploring your body by touching your arms, chest and back she is trying to relay a message. Another physical contact sign is sharing food. If she sips your drink or offers a sip of hers, that's a sign that she's probably considering it. That is a way of getting intimate very quickly. Maybe on a date she starts sharing her food or stealing yours she is trying to send a little bit of a hint.

      The next series of signs are about what she says. Compliment in general are signs she's into you. Compliments on your body parts are a sign she wants you. Things like chest or butt are her way of telling you the interests are sexual. Another strong hint is her bring up sex. Women rarely bring it up unless it's really on their mind. Now be careful with this assumption. Women do like to dick tease from time to time and this could be her way of doing it. Even then, they don't usually waste time dick teasing a guy they don't find attractive in the first place (unless she is trying to feel better about herself). A big conversation sign is talking about an ex lover or give detailed stories of past sexual experiences. She is definitely trying to tell you something.

      The last group of signals are relative to her. Things like sitting with her inner thy exposed. Also nervously playing with her clothes and unfastening buttons are a very blatant sign that anyone can recognize. Also stealing chances to take glimpse at your crotch, butt or chest is a dead give away. There is some thing called triangular gazing, where a woman looks at one eye then the other then the mouth and keeps doing this while talking to you. Doing that is a huge sign of sexual stimulation. Flaring nostrils and dilated pupils also suggest a that she wishes a little more was going on.

       Now those are a few signals to look for to see if a woman is sexually aroused. Figuring exactly when a woman is ready for sex is a trick that can be hard to measure. I hope this post is helpful in helping you with such a difficult but necessary task.

By Intimate asking

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mens Guide To Sex On: Setting Up Booty Calls

    This post is about booty calls. Not to be confused with the friends with benefits situation, the booty call is strictly a call come over and fuck type situation. Today we are going to talk about some of the pros and cons and how to properly set them up. There are many benefits to booty calls. Easy sex being the biggest one. It doesn't stop you from dating and it makes it easier to hold out for sex when you are dating but there are a lot of setbacks as well. To be honest there are a lot more setbacks than there are pros. For one you better believe some one will catch feeling and screw it up. That is usually the female. Another drawback is some one usually says something stupid and make the other feel a little weird about it. That' is usually the male. Respect, talent, and complications are the issues when it comes to booty calls. The trick is to find some one who doesn't have enough respect for you as a boyfriend so she doesn't want more than just sex, but the sexual chemistry is so good that it's worth the complications. I know it sounds easier said than done but all in all, if certain rules are in place and you can find a willing participant it can be a really fun sexual option.

      Lets start the talk with setting them up. The first thing you need is a willing participant. The best target for this is an ex. You want one that broke it off with you and isn't angry with you. If she left you for money reason, then that's perfect. They make great targets for several reasons. One they don't have any hang ups about sleeping with you. Second they know how you like it and vice verse. Third it will be easy to set up this kind of situation with her. Just call her kind of late one night and ask what she's up to. (You don't want to do it too late when she might be sleeping) Just say you was in bed thinking about her. When she ask why, or what you were thinking, just have a story of when you two were together sexually. Trust me when I say she will get the hint. After the romp, say to her it doesn't need to be a one time thing. Then explain and set some ground rules. Another great target is older women. They are usually horny as hell and they don't usually take younger men seriously as long term partners anyway. You should wait until the relationship turns to her starting to suggest just getting to the nitty gritty instead of hanging out. That's when to strike and make the suggestion. Not the first time she does it but the second or third, preferably the third. Just say you have begun to notice a pattern and why beat around the bush. Another great option is a female friend that is always changing boyfriends. Just seduce her one night and say how fun it was afterward. If she doesn't act weird about it later., in a couple of weeks do it again, then make the suggestion. If you were any good she will go for it. Be careful though, you could mess up the friendship and she might just be doing it get something deeper a little later. You might want to do it a couple times before trying it. A friend's ex that they don't care about is probably a good target for this as well. Especially if she hates the friend and wants to get back at him. Just clear it with the friend first.

   Now once you have your participant, you need to set some ground rules so that it works out for everyone. First a few for the both of you. I would start with a sleep over hour. This one is what decides if anyone stays over. You pick an hour ( it should be constant )that the activities are done, if it's before that particular hour then parties go their separate ways . If it's after that hour then it's stay the night. Both parties in mind should keep this in mind before making the call. Another suggestions, is to use texting codes and not actually call. Something could be said to turn the other off and that blows the whole thing. Just something simple like 911 or 69 with a respond text of E.T.A. 9pm or whatever. Just something to ask and say yes or no. The last tip is to limit the amount the each can make each week or month. So that no one feels like they are obligated to be the others sex slave in waiting. You want to present it as a release in time of drought between lovers, not a permanent solution. Now those are just a few suggestion for both parties. As for suggestions directed to just you, I would suggest don't ask about her intimate life outside of you. Also don't share anything about yours to her either. You don't want her thinking to much or reanalyzing the situation. Also try to keep the sex to a minimum. You want everyone to orgasm but you do need to try to eliminate marathon sex. Unless she is really into it. Make sure the sex is great and mix it up from time to time. Don't turn her down unless you absolutely have to. Women get petty and could end up playing games with you.
Intimate Asking

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mens Guide To Sex On: The Texting Code

   With all of today's modern advances, communication has become a bit of a challenge. With emails and texting being the main form of communication for so many women, phone calls and love letters have fallen to the same level as the telegraph and smoke signals. Throw in the pop culture abbreviations, and picture punctuations, it could leave even the smartest of scholars confused. So this post is for figuring out the texting code. There are good texts and bad texts, it all depends on how you look at it. This post we are going to give you the inside track on the texts she sends and what they mean. What she texts will give you an idea of how she feels about you and the situation. How you respond to those texts will make or break you. Women are constantly trying to figure us out, so they use texts to do it. Text are a good way because they can focus on the words you use instead of just what you said. In any event, I don't see why we can't do the same thing. With that being said, lets get to it.

    Lets start with some of the bad texts because those are the easiest and there aren't that many. If she doesn't care, she won't waste a lot of time texting you. If she makes a really stupid excuse why she can't hang out (playing with my dog) then she thinks you're a lowlife. Talking about other guys with you isn't good either. They hide other men from other guys they believe have potential. If she doesn't text you before her birthday or right after her birthday then you have messed up somewhere. One word texts are really bad. Women really hate them. So if she gives you one then she really doesn't care. Another sign she doesn't care anymore is bad spelling and grammar. The older a woman gets the more she cares about that sort of thing. If texting is her main source of communication, the more she tries to communicate the more she like you. The less she communicates the less she cares. Know if she has a lot of guy friends and everyone gets texts then her texting you could her just being friendly. Other than that, the more texts the better.

   As for the good things in texting, there are a lot more. If she texts you a lot then she probably likes you. Like I said before, the more text the more she likes you. Forty or more texts is obvious sign that yes she is into you. Putting a lot of XOXO's, smiley faces and exclamation point are all great signs she is into you. Texting comments on a string that ended hours ago is another sign. She is definitely into you if she send these long winded texts, being goofy, or talking about random things. Pictures with her in them are for you and a dead give away that she like you. If they are with her friends it doesn't necessarily mean anything. When they are with you then she is trying to connect and share with you. Mentioning bed, shower, or getting dressed is her way of flirting. If she mentions activities, she is trying to get you to ask her out. Texts that suggest she is checking up on you or asking for advice there is a very good chance she is crushing on you. Those situation is just her trying to make a connection. Women need to make a connection with a man to have anything intimate. Late night texts is a sign she likes you. At the bare minimum it's an attempt at a booty call but it a sign that she at least trusts you. Sending texts about her looks is her fishing to see what you like about her. Saying things like I love you or care about you are ballsy and she wouldn't say it unless she wants some moves made.

    Now those are a lot of the texting codes and their meaning. So pay attention to what she text's you. Women that do a lot of texting give away everything without even knowing it. So don't let these things confuse you. So here is where this post comes to an end. So go send some texts.

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