Friday, May 4, 2012

Men's Guide To Sex On: Making a Relationship With a Younger Woman Work

Being with a younger woman certainly brings excitement to a relationship especially if you’re a man who is in his fifties or sixties. You’ve seen stellar examples like Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones so you’re thinking “hey this isn’t so bad”. Although age gaps could certainly hinder a relationship’s progress, that is still the right attitude to adopt my friend. If your girlfriend happens to have a more recent birthday than you do, you shouldn’t give it much thought. Attraction works in mysterious ways and sometimes it has nothing to do with age. In fact the main thing that you must remember is exactly that. Don’t use anyone’s age as a basis for a relationship. Don’t date younger women just so you’d have someone to brag about to your friends and colleagues. Nor should you date someone younger than you are for a quick ego boost. No, date someone younger because you want to and are actually attracted to her. That is the foundation of making your relationship work. Some may say that you just dated someone younger because you are suffering from some mid-life crisis. Some may say that she’s probably with you for financial security and may just be a gold digger. There will always be prejudices so before you believe in any of them, ask yourself first if that is the real reason that you’re dating or why you’re being dated by a younger woman. You would know the answer better that they will. If it isn’t, then their views shouldn’t matter at all. Don’t try to compare yourself with younger men. That shows insecurity ill befitting your age. If you’ve been totally honest with the woman, then she could decide for herself if she wants to be with an older man. If she’s dating you then she’s probably already made a choice. Don’t change who you are and let her fall in or fall out of love with you because of it not because of your age. Another big issue between such romances is the topic of children. You’re too old and probably already have children while she is just beginning to want to. It is important that the lines of communication remain open to discuss this critical topic as early in the relationship as possible. If you make clear to her what her options are then it’s easier to make an informed decision together. There is also the problem of getting old soon and having to be taken care of by your partner. Actually it’s unwise to think of that far ahead when you can still have the “here” and “now”. It’s better to enjoy the actual moment rather than worry about a possible consequence. Besides you could always stay strong even in your later years by eating right and living a healthy lifestyle. Lastly you must be resolved to accept that there will be differences between you. In outlooks, worldviews, knowledge and beliefs. Differences that are caused by age. But if you are decided in pursuing a relationship with a younger woman, then set aside these differences as something to be compromised. Celebrate these differences rather than acting out on them. Remember that any relationship requires understanding and open communication, a relationship like yours, maybe much more so. So it would really take some effort to make it work but with the right attitude, I assure you it would. If you don’t think it’s worth it though, you must be the one to end it because you have to be the more responsible when it comes to both of you. Don’t fret though. There will always be dating opportunities for you no matter how old you are. One nifty example is senior dating sites. Yes, there are free online dating sites especially for senior citizens. So don’t give up just yet in your search for the perfect partner.

 By:Alex Bayron

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